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Guidelines for writing a scientific paper for the conference

Dear esteemed professors and researchers, please adhere to the following guidelines when compiling and writing your scientific research:

  1. The article must be an original work and not have been previously published.
  2. Ensure that scientific articles are free from plagiarism.
  3. Maintain a standard writing style, free from spelling and composition errors.
  4. Rely on credible scientific sources when conducting research.
  5. Structure scientific research articles with sections including abstract, key terms, introduction, problem statement, research questions, hypotheses, background, methodology, data, data analysis, findings, discussion, conclusion, and appropriate referencing.
  6. Summarize the article within 250 words, covering the introduction, research significance, problem statement, objectives, research methods, key findings, recommendations, and contribution to agricultural development.
  7. Include 5 to 7 key terms in the article.
  8. Limit the article’s length to a maximum of 10,000 words.
  9. Use the “Bahij Zar” font for Dari and Pashto articles and “Times New Roman” for English articles.
  10. Format article titles as 14 bold, main section titles as 12 bold, sub-headings as 12 normal, and the article text as 12 normal.
  11. Ensure that table and graph lines are two sizes smaller than the main text.
  12. The reference list should be two sizes smaller than the main text.
  13. Footnote lines should be two sizes smaller than the main text.
  14. Follow the APA referencing style for in-text citations and the reference list. Any other method is not acceptable.
  15. Present tables in the standard APA three-line form.
  16. Graphs should have high printing quality and be sourced properly. Avoid low-quality graphs from websites; obtain permission or reproduce them appropriately.
  17. Tables and graphs should be editable and correctable.
  18. Set the page size in Microsoft Word as 6.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches long, with 0.79-inch margins on all sides.
  19. The content of the article is the responsibility of the author and may not necessarily reflect the views of the conference.
  20. The scientific committee of the conference reserves the right to edit and modify the format of the articles.
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